Breakfast for dinner sort of day. #skillet #instafood #club2110  (at Club 2110)


I can feel the weight of everything starting to close in. One week in and I already feel like there’s no more time. No more time wasting. If I’m not at class/practice/work, I need to be either working out, coding, or sleeping, the one exception being her and even then we both should be doing productive things and not just bum…

Goodbye winter! Downtown trip for Chicago Chef Week to end the quarter! #lecolonial #instafood #Chicago #spring (at Le Colonial)

The Greatest Sadness…

…is that I did not care enough. About everything. 

What’s the point then, if the one and only thing consistent throughout all four years turns out to be a failure on me?

Once finals are over we can play! Much smart. Such pretty. Wow. So miss. #wcw #club2110 (at Club 2110)
Freshman year we didn’t know we would eventually be roommates @ydchiu #tbt

Please Understand

Why I feel resentment towards people who don’t even bother when they are there anyways. I don’t get it. What are you honestly going to do with the 2 hours you save… procrastinate and waste more time?

Whatever, just fuck it. Wasted investments.

Forgotten picture from weekend numbah 3 of #club2110 straight raging #tbt #scrubcorner

Different, Same

What do I do? I can’t help you. Nothing more than offering some nice alcohol that a friend gave me and sitting here quietly. I feel insufficient as a friend. What do I dowhat do isaywhat canido whatwhathwhatwhatwhat…


We ate lunch today. It’s probably been 2 years since we talked. You are exactly the same as I remember you, minus the hair you chopped off. So indecisive and hard to talk to. Multiple times, I wondered why I even bothered in the first place. 

I can’t define my type, but I know now for sure you don’t fit. Good luck with everything.